Ongoing Efforts

Since the acquisition of Wyeth, Pfizer has invested significant resources to improve site conditions and move site remediation and restoration forward. The following is a summary of work ongoing at the site. All work is being done with oversight by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Groundwater Treatment

Construction of the bedrock and overburden groundwater containment, extraction, treatment, and reinjection system is complete and the system is fully operational. The dedicated on-site groundwater treatment facility, located on Polhemus Lane in Bridgewater, will be operated long-term and groundwater will be monitored pursuant to requirements set forth by USEPA and NJDEP.

While groundwater treatment continues long-term, a groundwater Classification Exception Area (CEA) has been established to prevent use of groundwater at, and adjacent to, the Site for drinking water purposes. This is an acceptable and widely used institutional control to prevent exposure to substances in groundwater occurring above quality standards.

Ongoing Site Monitoring and Maintenance

Periodic groundwater, ambient air, surface water and sediment sampling is conducted to monitor site conditions. These reports are submitted to USEPA and NJDEP and are included in the applicable semi-annual or annual reports on file in the public repository of documents.

The site is monitored 24 hours per day using closed circuit video cameras and supplemented by periodic patrols by a 24/7 onsite security firm. A majority of the site is fenced and the perimeter is extensively posted in bilingual wording (i.e. English and Spanish) to discourage trespassing.

USEPA Five-Year Review

USEPA inspects Superfund sites every five years to ensure that completed cleanups remain fully protective of human health and the environment. The most recent (Fifth) American Cyanamid Superfund Site Five-Year Review was completed September 11, 2019 and is available on USEPA’s website ( or can be viewed here.