Current Activities

Design and construction of the site-wide remedy as described in the Record of Decision issued by USEPA on September 27, 2012 is underway.

Construction of the hydraulic barrier wall and the groundwater extraction, conveyance, treatment and reinjection system began in early 2017 and is now complete. The on-site groundwater treatment building, located on Polhemus Lane, is complete and system commissioning is underway. Following several months of testing and optimization, treatment of groundwater is expected to begin by the second quarter of 2019.

The New Jersey Water Supply Authority has initiated a four-year project to dredge a 10-mile section of the Delaware and Raritan (D&R) Canal within Franklin Township. Sediment that is removed from the D&R Canal and verified to be clean will be dewatered and delivered by truck to the American Cyanamid Superfund Site for beneficial reuse as subgrade material for the site-wide soil remedy pursuant to USEPA and NJDEP oversight. Deliveries will begin in December 2018 and continue through early spring. At peak times, up to 40 truckloads of materials will be delivered to the site per day.

Pre-design and design activities related to the site-wide soils remedy continues, including design of the stabilization/solidification treatment process for waste materials located in Impoundments 3, 4 and 5, will begin sometime after full commissioning of the groundwater treatment facility. Construction activities for this phase of work are expected to occur after USEPA approves the 100% Remedial Design Report and the Remedial Action Work Plan.