Community Involvement

Pfizer is committed to an inclusive stakeholder engagement process including federal, state, regional and local stakeholders to establish objectives for the remediation and future use of the property.

Under the guidance of USEPA, Pfizer developed a Community Involvement Plan (CIP) as a guide to sharing information and obtaining public input on the site-wide remedy and other activites on the site. The outreach tools outlined in the CIP will ensure a transparent and accessible decision-making process and meaningful community stakeholder participation.


CRISIS, a local community group, was established to facilitate the exchange of community concerns and expectations regarding the Site. In 1992, USEPA awarded a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) to CRISIS that has been renewed several times to present date. Since that time, CRISIS has been the primary community based group serving as liaison between the NJDEP, USEPA, and the community. CRISIS has consistently participated in monthly project calls and served in a technical review capacity on behalf of the residents of Bridgewater, Bound Brook, and the surrounding communities.

Stakeholder Engagement

Pfizer is committed to informed stakeholder engagement to enable sound, sustainable decision making. Pfizer will work with USEPA and NJDEP to promote active and meaningful participation in the cleanup of the site.